I am a nature photographer based in the San Francisco East Bay.

Authentic images are my goal - pure and simple. For me, the greatest photos are created through extraordinary perspectives of the ordinary. My favorite subjects to photograph are landscapes, wildlife, found objects, and my grandchildren.

When I’m holding a camera, I don’t feel hunger, pain, heat, or cold. Time stands still. I am driven by the indescribable delight of capturing a wild coyote slinking across a trail, or a Northern Flicker perching on a fencepost for one fleeting moment. Capturing moments—genuine, natural, unplanned, unguarded moments—is what this is all about. Photography is constantly on my mind. It feeds my soul and inspires me to continue experimenting, learning, and refining my craft.

Here, I present, my forever evolving portfolio. Take a look around! Let me know what you like by leaving me a comment, or you can contact me here with questions.

Thank you for visiting,

Diane Meade-Tibbetts

You can also find my work on FacebookInstagram, and Society6

  • Dahlia watercolors
  • Hi
  • Flight
  • January Sunrise
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