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Hi, my name is Diane. I am a nature photographer based in the San Francisco East Bay.

Photography has been my hobby for over forty years. I am inspired by that “AH!” moment - by the excitement and joy I feel when I capture a wild coyote walking on the path in front of me, that Northern Flicker on the fence for one fleeting moment, or the perfect, sweet face of one of my grandchildren. Capturing moments, especially the unguarded ones, are what this is all about. When I’m holding a camera, I’m in a zone; I don’t feel hunger, pain, heat, or cold. Time stands still. Photography is constantly on my mind. It feeds my soul. And, YES, it is my passion. There, I said it!

When I’m asked why I haven’t made Photography my profession, I reply that I’m still learning and working on my portfolio. Well, I’ll always be learning and working on my portfolio. This is just one of the many awesome things I love about photography, and art – there will always be more to learn.

Thanks to my supportive Husband, I was able to quit a well-paying corporate job – without a plan. Yikes! The only thing I knew for sure was that I needed to get out of there, get healthy, and nurture my creativity. I am beyond grateful, every single day, that I get to focus on my health and my photography now. Finally, encouraged by family and friends for years to show my work, I  decided to set up this website.

For several years my images have been shared on Flickr, Instagram, 500px, and my blog. However, this is the first dedicated website where I want to showcase and offer some of my best images for purchase.

Here, I present, my forever evolving portfolio.

Casual, clean, and simple images are my goal. My favorite subjects to photograph are my grandchildren and wildlife. Landscape and found objects, or scenes, are right up there with wildlife as I’m constantly looking and trying to see things from different perspectives.

Take a look around! Let me know what you like by leaving me a comment, or you can contact me here with questions.

To purchase prints, click on the red “Buy” button at the top right of each gallery or the bottom right of any image. 

Thank you for visiting!

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